Wireless Set No. 38 was developed in 1942 as a short range infantry manpack. Frequency range 7.4-9.2MHz. with a range of 1 mile using a 12ft rod. for Infantry patrols or infantry tank communications. Although early versions had no junction box, a very early revision introduced it.  Possibly for ease of body worn installation  This set has the throat microphone and headphones by means of a Junction Box.

Set’s as compact as the WS38 were a relatively new concept in 1940,  a few sets had been developed in the 1930s using VHF, but possibly through lack of understanding of higher frequencies and how they worked in the field they were not adopted.  WS38 was developed in 1941, ideas from the Signals Experimental Establishment and the well respected Murphy radio company.  It proved a great success with wartime production in the order of 187,000 units.  Production being by both the Murphy radio company and RGD (Radio Gram Developments.  Like many sets it remained in use post war.

There was also vehicle mounted set No. 38AFV which was used in conjunction with the WS19.

Frequency Range: 7.4-9.2MHz.
Power: 0.2 watts
weight 22 Ib (10KG)
Range Up to 1 mile