105mm PAK Howitzer

Originally designed by the Italians and designated OTO Melara 105mm for use by their Alpini brigades this gun was designed to broken downL5_105_mm_Pack_Howitzer,_CFB_Borden,_July_2011_2_(90) into 12 light manageable components that could be carried by mules into the mountains.

The 105mm pack howitzer was adopted by the British army as a light gun from the early 1960’s until the mid 1970’s and simply known as the L5 pack howitzer. Its advantage was that it was light enough to be lifted by Wessex helicopters or towed by Land Rovers. It’s ammunition did, however, lack range and punch which made it vulnerable to counter-fire, it was not particularly robust and could not withstand constant firing, This lack of durability also led to them being carried on trucks for longer distances outside the combat zone, the sights were regarded as unsatisfactory, Being replaced the L118 Light Gun shortly after entering service

A quantity of these guns were then refurbished and sold to Argentina in 1978 who promptly shipped them out to the Falkland Islands and used them against us during the 1982 Falklands campaign.

Our exhibit was captured by 3 Para. at Port Stanley and subsequently repatriated to England where it stood as a trophy/memento at their depot until finally being donated to the Norfolk Tank Museum for safe keeping.