The Stalwart H.M.L.C. (High Mobility Load Carrier) FV630 first entered service in 1960 and was manufactured by Alvis in the UK


The Stalwart is fitted with a Rolls Royce B81 8 cylinder 6.2 litre water cooled petrol engine producing 210bhp at 3750rpm coupled to a five speed manual gearbox, giving the vehicle a top speed of 45mph on the road.
Although at some time in its history the mechanism has been disabled, the Stalwart was designed to be fully amphibious, being fitted with a Dowty water jet propulsion system.
This vehicle is, at the moment, in the early stages of restoration.


The Stalwart high mobility 6×6 truck was designed to deliver up to 5 tonnes of supplies throughout the battlefield, in particular ammunition or fuel for the Main Battle Tanks, thus allowing the frontline troops to be resupplied, whatever the conditions.


•Weight; 9 Ton’s

•Maximum payload 5 Ton’s

•Width; 8ft 4in

•Height; 7ft 5in

•Length; 20ft 8in

Crew of Two ; Driver, Commander + One