Norfolk Tank Museum has no paid employees, every one of our team is a volunteer.  We are always looking for new volunteers to help expand our team and improve the museum. Whether you’d like to volunteer, or know someone who might be interested please contact us. 

If you are retired and miss being part of a team and having something to occupy you , but not the stress, then volunteering  might be the thing for you.  Alternatively, if you are looking for that extra something on your CV,  perhaps for university or a change of career, volunteering could help.  Some of our volunteers started with us when they were just between jobs and enjoyed being active and occupied. We have had several young people volunteering with us to attain their Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and others completing work experience whilst still at school and college. Our volunteers learn new skills, meet new people and enjoy looking after some of Britain’s military history. Volunteering can be for as little as a couple of hours a week, or as many days as we are open; it’s your decision.  For many roles no particular skills or experience are required.

Our volunteers are wonderful ambassadors for the Norfolk Tank Museum, inspiring and enthusing others and are very often the public face of NTM.

‘Tank Club’

As well as the public museum, we also have ‘Tank Club’.  This is a club for people with an interest in mechanics and engineering.  To be a member of the club you do not need to be actively involved in the running of the museum.  The club  meet every Monday and Thursday evening from 7pm until 10pm, and all day Wednesdays to carry out routine maintenance on our running vehicles and museum collections.  Maintaining the museum exhibits goes on all year round. We have an enthusiastic group of engineers and mechanics and there is a  friendly atmosphere and always time for discussing new projects and researching the things we’re currently working on – tea and coffee seem to have a prominent place in all of this!  There are few sounds better than the roar of a 27 litre V12 Rolls Royce Meteor engine.

Throughout the year we arrange group outings to various UK military shows and rallies as well as taking some of our exhibits to local events and fetes.

You can follow progress of the Norfolk Tank Museum Volunteers, and all our other events, on our Facebook page. For more information contact Stephen 07703 337714

Frequently Asked Questions

What is volunteering for us?

Volunteering is an activity which:

  • Seeks to benefit the Museum within its Constitutional Aims.
  • Is freely undertaken
  • Is not for personal financial gain

How do I get started?

Call or email us for a chat to discuss your current skills, things you’d like to learn and the time you are able to commit.

Which area should I volunteer in?

There are several areas where we would particularly welcome some help:

  • Stewards(Being there on open days to show our visitors around and help them get the best out of their visit.  We pride ourselves on or hands-on experience and the expertise of our Stewards in answering questions and sharing information with the Public.  A role of this type would be best suited to someone with a keen interest in Military history.  Full training on our exhibits will be provided.)
  • Vehicle Maintenance (All aspects, previous experience is not necessary as we can offer training and supervision)
  • Welding(We have a specific needs of people with body repair and welding skills and experience)
  • Catering(Help with service in the tea room and Bar-B-Q)
  • Gardening & Landscaping(We are keen to begin the landscaping of the museum grounds and would really appreciate some help and advice on this project)
  • Building Maintenance(Painting, decorating and woodworking skills)
  • Archiving(Photographing, describing and recording all the museum’s assets)
  • Admin(Help with general administration duties and the organisation of special events and attractions)

How long will it take until I can start volunteering?

This depends on the role and the necessary requirements. You will need to undertake a short induction session before you start, which can be arranged to suit you.

Do I need previous experience or skills?

Most projects simply ask for enthusiasm and commitment, however other projects may have specific requirements.

When do the volunteering projects take place?

All year round!  You can choose from volunteering on any Museum day, or on our restoration evenings at ‘Tank Club’.

Where are the volunteering projects based?

All of our volunteering projects are based at the Museum.

Will it cost anything?

Volunteering is free, other than your time. You will ned to provide your own transport to and from the Museum and your lunches, however teas and coffees are provided.  Some expenses can be reimbursed for specific projects. You are expected to provide your own safety boots and overalls if your volunteering role requires it.  Stewards would  be expected to dress smartly.

I’m looking for part-time paid work, can you help?

Volunteering can help you develop skills for your future career and looks great on your CV, but you will not be paid.

Will I be recognised for my volunteering?

We do not provide a reward scheme, however we can provide a certificate showing your volunteer time at the museum and/or a reference can be supplied.

Who can I contact for more information and advice?

If you need any advice or have any questions that weren’t answered here you can contact Stephen MacHaye on 077033 37714, or alternatively email

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