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The UK/PRC-349 was the smallest and lightest of the Clansman VHF radios and could be carried in a pouch without requiring a dedicated backpack. It was usually used with a throat microphone and a flexible rubber whip antenna. The 349 is more modern than the 350 and 351 and seems to have largely filled the front line role for which the 350 might otherwise have been used. The set was widely exported as the BCC 349.

Family Clansman

Frequency Range: 36 – 46 MHz (Low Band VHF )
Power: 0.25 watts
Modes: FM
weight: 1.6 Kg including Battery

Range Up to 1 kilometres in open country less in built area.

Role Squad Platoon Radio
Manufacture: RACAL-BCC
Technology: Transistors and Integrated Circuits no Microprocessor.
In service with UK 1976 – 2008 with active UK forces