Saladin Armoured Car 01 CC 69Saladin 01 CC 69

We have little detailed information about her service history with the British Army but we believe she served in the Middle East in the 1960’s and 70’s and according to some of the vehicle modifications would have served in Northern Ireland.

Saladin 01 CC 69 was manufactured by Alvis in the UK entering service in late 1959 and was sold off in 1994.

Today Saladin 01 CC 69 is used as one of Norfolk Tank Museum’ centre pieces for ARMOURFEST.


The Saladin Armoured Car is fitted with an Ordnance Q.F (quick fire) 76mm A.C.L.5A1 gun firing HESH (high-Explosive squash head), HE (high-explosive), SMOKE (for self protection giving a instant smoke screen) and CANISTER (firing steel pellets against ground troops).

On the exterior of the commander’s hatch is a .30 IN. No.7, MK1 Browning machine gun used by the commander for defence against ground troops as well as low flying aircraft, the gunner also has the use of a coaxial .30 IN Browning machine gun for use against infantry and soft skin targets. You will notice smoke discharges on both sides of the turret, which would provide a readily available smoke screen, which can be used to permit the vehicle to be manoeuvred under cover. The smoke discharges are designed to fire No. 80 grenade using fuse, electric No. F103 Mk 2 and 3 as a propellant.


The Saladin Armoured Car is fitted with a Rolls Royce B80 No. 1, Mk 6D, 8 cylinder 5.6 litre water cooled petrol engine producing 160bhp at 3750rpm coupled to a semi automatic pre select gearbox with five forward and reverse gears, giving the vehicle a top speed of 45mph on the road and 30mph cross country. All six wheel are driven and the front and middle axles are steered


•Weight; 11.3 Ton’s

•Width; 8ft 4in

•Height; 7ft 1in

•Length; 17ft 2in

Crew of three; Driver, Gunner / Radio operator and Commander / loader

Service 1959 – 1980’s

Service History of 01 CC 69 Saladin

22.01.1960 Date into service

01.10.1960 6 troop B Squadron 9/12 Royal lancers Omagh Northern Ireland

01.09.1962 2nd Royal Tank Regiment Omagh Northern Ireland

08.12.1966 The Life Guards B. Squadron Hong Kong

11.10.1968 Queen´s Own Hussars C. Squadron. Hong Kong

15.08.1970 14/20 Kings Hussars Hong Kong

13.09.1971 VOD Hong Kong (Vehicle Ordnance Depot)

29.10.1971 CVD Ludgershall (Central Vehicle Depot) GB

16.05.1972 34 Central Workshop REME -base overhaul

16.05.1972 CVD Ludgershall

08.03.1974 VSD Cyprus (Vehicle Support Depot)

20.07.1974 16/5 The Queen´s Royal Lancers B. Squadron / Cyprus

06.03.1975 1.RTR Royal Tank Regiment B. Squadron / Cyprus

09.06.1975 14/20 King Hussars A. Squadron / Cyprus

01.06.1978 C Squadron 9/12 Royal lancers Cyprus to fire the salute for the Queen’s Birthday

11.11.1975 VSD Cyprus 06.08.1979 Armoured Recce Squadron. Workshop Base

13.08.1979 VSD Cyprus 22.10.1979 Armoured Recce Squadron. Workshop Base

22.11.1979 VSD Cyprus 02.05.1980 Armoured Recce Squadron. Workshop Base

20.06.1980 VSD Cyprus 31.10.1980 Armoured Recce Squadron. Workshop Base

16.12.1980 VSD Cyprus 11.05.1981 Armoured Recce Squadron. Workshop Base

14.12.1981 VSD Cyprus 21.02.1982 Armoured Recce Squadron. Workshop Base

17.05.1983 VSD Cyprus 20.02.1984 Armoured Recce Squadron. Workshop Base

06.04.1984 VSD Cyprus 11.04.1984 Armoured Recce Squadron. Workshop Base

19.06.1984 VSD Cyprus 22.01.1985 Armoured Recce Squadron. Workshop Base

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