The UK/PRC-320 is a medium power HF manpack issued to front line British forces and cadet units from 1976 until at least 2008 replacing Larkspur A14. The set was manufactured by Plessey at Ilford from 1976 to 1984 and provided front line troops with communications beyond horizon  range. The set can be carried as a backpack or mounted in a removable “clip in” frame in a vehicle, most usually a 12B general service (“GS”) land rover. Many thousands of these sets were sold  by tender between 2006 and 2010 and are now used by radio amateurs. The 320 is not encrypted but can be used with external data terminals (originally DMHD, later MEROD)  to send encrypted short messages.

Family Clansman

Frequency Range: 2– 30 MHz (HF)
Power: 5 or 30 watts
Modes: Morse, AM speech and SSB speech or Data
weight: 8.5 Kg with Battery

Range: World Wide with wire antenna 10 – 15 Kilometres using whip antenna

Role Long Range HF (short wave) Manpack
Manufacture: Plessey
Technology: Transistors and Integrated Circuits no Microprocessor.
In service with UK 1976 – 2008 with active UK forces