The 4 watt UK/PRC-351 replaced the Larkspur stations radio A41 and A42 from 1976 and was issued to infantry and Royal Marines at platoon or company level.  The UK/PRC-352 added a 20 watt amplifier and could be used either as a man pack or as a clip in vehicle set replacing Larkspur sets B47 and B48. It could be used with various batteries including a 3.5AH Ni-cad, a hand generator float charging a 1AH NiCad, or a non-reusable 16AH lithium battery. The 351 and 352 have facilities for remote operation over up to 3km of field telephone wire and a pair can be connected to act as a rebroadcast station. The UK/PRC-351M had wideband audio support to allow use with the BID C300 encrypted speech unit for secure communications, 

Family Clansman

Frequency Range: 30 – 76 MHz (Full Military VHF Band)
Power: 4 watts -351 or 20 – 30 Watts as 352
Modes: FM
weight: 8 Kg including 4AH Battery

Range Up to 8 kilometres in open country as -351 using Battle whip
Range Up to 16 kilometres in open country as -352

Role Platoon and Company Radio
Manufacture: RACAL-BCC
Technology: Transistors and Integrated Circuits no Microprocessor.
In service with UK 1976 – 2008 with active UK forces