The UK/VRC-353 is a high power mobile VHF set which replaced the C42 and C45 Larkspur radios in armoured vehicles and Landrovers. FFR (Fitted For Radio) Ranges of up to 50 miles are possible with elevated antennas in good locations. The VRC 353 has full remote and repeater facilities when used standalone, and can be integrated into a 2 or 3 radio harness in armoured vehicles. Most tanks and AFVs (Armoured Fighting Vehicles) had two radios, Landrovers FFR and armoured command vehicles such as SULTAN had three or four. The UK/VRC-353 can be used together with the Digital Master Unit (DMU) and BID 250 to provide digital secure speech compatible with the US KY-57 and SINCGARS ICOM radios.

Family Clansman

Frequency Range: 30 – 75.975 MHz
Power: 0.1, 1, 15,or 50 watts
Modes: FM (Narrow and Wide)
weight: 30 Kg
Power supply 24 volt signals batteries or vehicle supply

Range Up to 20 kilometres in open Country using tank whip
Range Up to 50 kilometres in open country with elevated antenna
Role Vehicle and Forward HQ radio

Manufacture Marconi Space and Defence Systems, Dumferline
Technology: Transistors and Integrated Circuits 3 valves (vacuum tubes) electric servo motors no Microprocessor.
In service with UK 1976 – 2008