The Wireless set No. 18 and its later incarnation No. 68 were short range manpack radios.  Originally designed as the wireless set No.8 the steel frame made that set uncomfortably heavy for operators and carriers. Although its 1930s predecessor, type 53 was even heavier. 

The lightweight 18 set was a real improvement in terms of troop comfort and its use of recently developed valves provided superb performance.  The WS18 worked on 6 – 9 MHz, which although fine for most situations proved a serious problem during the failed first allied landings into Europe.  Due to the frequency choice short range contact proved difficult so the WS68 with its lower frequency coverage was chosen for later expeditionary forces.   

Used for communications between company and battalion HQ or carried as man-pack on march.


Frequency Range: 6 – 9 MHz
Power: 0.25 watts
Range Up to 10 mile