Clansman UK RT-321 / VRC-321 40 Watt HF Vehicle Transceiver

The UK/VRC-321 replaced both the C11  and C13  front line HF stations and the D11/D13 long range truck mounted station, in the latter case being issued with a 250 watt output amplifier and being called UK/VRC-322. The UK/VRC-321 is a mobile HF radio providing communications beyond horizon range for vehicles and if dismounted for fixed sites. The system is modular comprising the radio itself, an antenna tuner TURF-25W, an interference filter SURF-25W and when used as a VRC-322 the Amplifier 250W and TURF-250W. The VRC-321 was most commonly installed in FFR land rovers and in command and reconnaissance vehicles suh as SULTAN and SCORPION where operation over extended ranges was expected. The set is specifically designed for radio-teleprinter service and a modem called “Adapter Telegraph Radio” or ATR was provided for that purpose.

Family Clansman

Frequency Range: 2– 30 MHz (HF)
Power: 5 or 45 watts as -321 250 Watts as -322
Modes: Morse, AM speech and SSB speech or Data
weight: 23 Kg main set various installations up to 70 kg
Power supply: 24V signal battery or Vehicle supply.

Range: World Wide with wire antenna 20 – 40 Kilometres using vehicle antenna’s

Role Long Range HF (short wave) Vehicle or dismounted.
Manufacture: MEL (Division of Philips)
Technology: Transistors and Integrated Circuits no Microprocessor.
In service with UK 1976 – 2008 with active UK forces