Wireless Set No. 52 was developed in 1943 as a medium range vehicle or base station transceiver. It was a development from the British / Canadian manufacture WS No.9.  WS52 was solely manufactured in Canada.  Frequency range 1.75 to 16 MHz with a range of 40 miles using RT and 100 miles using a 16ft aerial. Longer ranges possible using wire antennas.  The transceiver is composed of 4 main sections.  Transmitter, Receiver, power supply and the main frame which contains the main interconnecting wiring between the other 3 sections.   The station often included and second receiver for duplex and or monitoring.  This was housed in a stand-alone case with an independent vibrator power supply. 

Although based upon the WS9 very little interchangeability was provided between the two sets.  Mainly just the headsets and the aerial tuner unit.  Although I have been unable to find much about the WS52 development the use of 19set flick dials etc.  Do hint at a possible connection to the PYE company. 

The extra rotary converter mounted on top of the main carrier was a later modification, the original smaller dynamotor in the power unit being a weak point which often failed.

The WS52 continued in use into the 1950s finally being superseded by the C11 / R210 Larkspur station.


Frequency Range: 1.75-16MHz.
Power: 100 watts
weight 270 Ib (122.5 KG)
Range, High power setting 100+ miles