Picture Taken from wikipedia

Picture Taken from wikipedia

The SA-13 Gopher (ZRK-BD Strela-10) consists of four ready-to fire solid fuel, short-range low altitude, infrared guided Surface to air missiles. The SA-13 incorporates the range-only HAT BOX radar system which provides the operator with the targets range to prevent wastage of missiles outside the effective range of the system. The HAT BOX circular parabolic radar antenna is located between the two pairs of missile canisters.
Rather than being mounted on an amphibious but lightly armoured BRDM chassis like the SA-9, the SA-13 is mounted on a more mobile tracked, modified MT-LB, with more room for equipment and missile reloads. Provision for amphibious capability is provided, in some variants, by the use of polyurethane-filled floats.
It first entered service in 1979 and was manufactured in Russia by the Saratovskiy Zenit Machine Plant.


The SA-13 missile (9M 37) is 2.2 mtr. long and 0.12 mtr. in diameter with a 0.4 mtr. wingspan. Capable of reaching Mach 2 it carries a 5 kilogram HE warhead and is fitted with either an improved passive lead sulphide all-aspect infra-red seeker unit, or a cryogenically cooled passive all-aspect infra-red seeker unit with a range of 500 to 3500 mtr. It typically carried four missiles for reloading which is performed manually and usually takes approximately 5 minutes.


The SA-13 is fitted with a YaMZ 238 V8 Diesel, water cooled engine producing 240bhp and coupled to four forward and one reverse gearbox, giving the vehicle a top speed of 61 km/h on the road and 6 km/h in water


The SA-9 Gaskin was designed as a Close Support Vehicle for troops and tanks against a low level aircraft or helicopters, precision guided munitions and reconnaissance RPV’s.