Norfolk Tank Museum acquired the FV432 APC (Armoured Personal Carrier) in 2008. We can find very little information about her service history with the British Army as the previous owner has lost the vehicle registration. FV432 APC first entered service in 1962 and was manufactured in the UK by GKN.


7.62mm GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun) and smoke dischargers fitted to the front armour.


The 432 APC is fitted with a Rolls Royce B81 8 cylinder 5.6 litre water cooled petrol engine producing 210bhp at 3750rpm coupled to a TX-200-4A automatic transmission with six forward and  one reverse gears, giving the vehicle a top speed of 32mph on the road Mk 2 FV 432’s were fitted with a Rolls Royce K60, 6 cylinder, 6.57 litres, water cooled diesel engine producing 240bhp at 3750rpm


Torsion Bar type suspension


The suspension is of the torsion bar type and consists of five pairs of road wheels each side with the drive sprocket at the front and idler at the rear. There are two track return rollers.


The 432 was designed as an Armoured Personal Carrier assigned to deliver squads of troops (10men) as close to a battle as possible whilst under the protective cover of an armoured vehicle