Russian R-105M Portable Field Radio Transceiver first entered service in the early 1950’s. Because of its rugged reliability and the Bakelite case lasted well under field use, it was exported all over the world, The sets can appear as manpack equipment or vehicle-mounted with a 50-watt YM-2 Amplifier to extend its range. There are four version of this sets all similar in size, weight and design but different in frequency ranger. Depending on the antennas configuration, 1.5 m Kulikow whip, a 2.7 m whip and a 40 m long wire. Transmission range is up to 8 km with the Kulikow whip and up to 20 km with a long wire antenna.

R-105 used by infantry, R-108 used by artillery units, R-109 used by anti-aircraft artillery, R-114 utilised in command and liaison nets at battalion level

Frequency Range: 36 – 46.1 MHz
Power: 1 watts
Modes: FM
weight: 21 kg
Range 10 km when using a short whip antenna, and 30-40 km when using more complex antennas..