Tank Experiences & Parties

Tank experiences

Norfolk Tank Museum runs tank experiences between May and October. The Tank experience last for approx. two hours and includes a short health and saSaladin 01 CC 69fety brief, an exclusive look around the museum vehicles when we are closed to the public, Get up close and personal with our collection of main battle tanks. Be introduced to our Centurion Mk 13 Gun Tank, our Chieftain 120mm MBT and the Centurion AVRE, the engineer’s version with the stonking great demolition gun. Climb inside and see what makes the whole thing work, understand the difference in the role that they play in combat. Followed by Instruction on how to drive the BV206 and Saladin Armoured car around our purpose built track. POA

Please email Tank Experience for more information.

Childrens Parties

Norfolk Tank Museum offer’s children parties which last for approx 2 hours for a maximum of 10 children plus two adults. The children can enjoy a ride in the BV, an amphibious tracked military vehicle around are purpose built off road course, (The BV 206 seats 10 people with Seat belts provided). Experience the inside of a real Chieftain Main Battle Tank and a Saladin Armoured Scout Car operating the manual turret gun controls when the museum is closed to the public. They will have exclusive access to the museum’s small arms, uniforms and artefacts and there is always someone on hand to give a detailed history. During the party there will be time set aside for you to enjoy whatever food you bring, either inside or outside depending on the weather. Alternatively we can supply either a party tea for younger children or a BBQ for older children and teens. Menus supplied on application. After food children can enjoy a game of football, our bouncy castle, play area or any activities that you bring along to our large and picturesque open space. POA

Email us at Childrens Parties for more information on childrens parties.



The Norfolk Tank Museum can offer an exciting package of team building activities for around 12 people. We help you build corporate teams and improve cross-team co-operation to create unified organisations. Corporate team building is achieved through fun rather than adversity, through creative challenges rather than the arduous and strenuous. Your day will start with a welcome cup of tea or coffee and a bacon sarnie (vegetarian option available) and can be tailored to suit your personal needs:

  1. Enhance your competitive edge and hone those visual and co-ordination skills with a session of Archery, 300px-Archery_(PSF)_coloredFull supervision & tuition is provided, along with all necessary safety equipment for you to fully enjoy the experience
  2. Working together a team of ‘squaddies’ can erect a military issue 12 x 12 tent in less than 10 minutes. Just how quickly can you do it, and would it be fit to sleep in afterwards? Having put it up, it then needs to be taken down and packed away, just as quickly. Teamwork is essential.
  3. How well can you work Together as a team? How good are your Communication skills? How do you cope under Extreme Pressure? How good a Driver are you? Can your team, handling our BV206 ATV, rise to a challenge where your Driving, trust and communication skills will be put to the test.
  4. How quickly can you learn something new? Our resident Armourer will show you how to strip down to its component parts, and then rebuild, one of the guns from our small arms collection. Having been shown it will then be your turn, and once you’ve got it right, do it again ‘Blindfolded

Please email: Corporate Day for more information on corporate days at Norfolk Tank Museum, and prices

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