kicx0103North Norfolk Amateur Radio Group has been in existence for over 25 years. The club has a long standing connection with the preservation and restoration of Military radio equipment which we will continue at Norfolk Tank Museum. Although we have been off the air for a couple of years this has mainly been due to the construction of our new headquarters and more recently fitting out and erection of aerials.

It is our aim to provide an exhibition of military radio equipment from the last century and also an operational amateur radio station.  Already we have working examples of World War 2 interception receivers and also examples of famous equipment such as the RAF R1155 / T1154 and the Wireless set 18 and 19, together with examples of NATO, Warsaw Pact, Indian and South East Asian equipment.

Our membership is an eclectic mix of radio enthusiasts of diverse backgrounds including military and professional communications, acadekicx0102mia and the Electronic industry.  We hope to be able give visitors an insight into the importance of radio communication from both historical and modern perspective.  Morse tests are available for younger visitors.